Inspiration for Inspiration

26 02 2009

This morning while I was slow at work, I finally got to catch up on reading my pile of new blog posts in my reader.  I found a great article for keeping inspired in the design world on Designer Daily.  I was reminded of a guest post I wrote for Daily Dose of Design. So now I’ve -c that post and -v it here. Check out all the links I’ve got going on here for more inspiration, tips, tricks and just great free stuff.

I’m here is to talk about inspiration. I feel as if all art should have some type of inspiration. Art for the sake of art isn’t enough for me. I want to connect with it and be inspired by what inspired it. Inspiration, for me, comes from the random pieces of life that pass in front you. Whether it be a quote from something famous (or just known to you), a piece of wrapping paper, the twisting branches of a tree, the sounds of a busy street… All life is an inspiration, you just have to recognize it when it’s there. So here are my 5 tips for getting inspired and keeping that inspiration thriving.

1. Start a creative journal or collection.
2. Visit a museum, local art gallery, or the art section of the bookstore. (see:,

3. Take a walk, without the iPod and observe your surroundings
4. Talk to people that are creative about what inspires them
5. Surf the web, stock photography sites, blogs, random links…
Ideas come from all kinds of places. Here are a few example of regular websites that could spark inspiration.


Tazo Tea

As for random links, check out this HOW design article for more ways to be inspired.

So until next time I’m inspired to inspire the world with just a random piece of me.




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